CHE-salon July 5th 2022 Ukraine and Russia, an Integral perspective

Together with our guests Kateryna Yasko (Ukraine) and Anatoly Balyaev (Russia) we will develop a more Integral view on the war in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine is still going on and nobody knows how long it will last. We think it is important to stay present to what is happening and to better understand what is really at stake. So we like to invite you for the next CHE-salon to meet our two outstanding guests: Kateryna Yasko from Ukraine and Anatoly Balyaev from Russia. The purpose of this meeting is to develop together a more Integral view on what is happening and what is asked from each of us.

Kataryna Yasko has an academic background in international relations, business and educational psychology and she is passionate about bringing Integral approach to these domains. As a trainer, coach, mother of three kids and co-founder of U-Integral, Kateryna and her team introduce best practices for developing emotional intelligence, effective communication and inclusive leadership in corporations, educational institutions and communities of parents. She was living in Kiev but had to leave her country on February 24th. Listen to her story told on the IEC 2022 in Budapest.

Anatoly Balyaev already was our guest in the CHE-salon of April 13th (see the report ). Anatoly lives in Moscow and is a writer and business consultant and creator of the educational program “Evolutionary Intelligence” based on SDi. He’s a science editor and translator of Russian versions of books at Spiral Dynamics and ValueMatch Partner for Russia.

The war in Ukraine: what do we see and what can we understand better when using Integral lenses like Spiral Dynamics? What is the next step we personally can take based on deeper insight of what is going on? We asked our two guests to share their personal and Integral analysis of the war in Ukraine using the stages of development like SD. In this way we expect to understand better what is the importance of this terrible war and to be better prepared to decide what our next personal step will be.

The salon is online via ZOOM and will last a little bit longer than usual (3 hours). It will consist of three blocks. One block with Anatoly and one block with Kateryna (introduction and Q&A). In the third block we will speak in breakout groups and close with a common sharing. Anatoly and Kateryna will be present during the whole salon (inshallah). Language is English. Maximum number of participants is 50. We will start in time and you cannot join later.

After this salon smaller groups may be formed to continue their sharings and/or actions.

Hope to meet you! Hans Ruijs, Lars Lutje Schipholt and Leida Schuringa (CHE-NL)


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