CHE-Salon 13 april 2022 Ukraine and Russia


april 13


07:15 pm - 09:15 pm

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inviting you for a deepening inquiry in this English spoken CHE-salon with our two international guests from Switzerland and Russia.

CHE-NL invites you for a deepening inquiry in our next CHE-Salon on April 13th about the war in Ukraine and how this is effecting you. We are glad to welcome our special guests: Hans Ruijs (SDi expert living and working in Switzerland, ) and Anatoli Balyaev. Anatoly lives in Moscow and is a writer and business consultant and creator of the educational program “Evolutionary Intelligence” based on SDi. He’s a science editor and translator of Russian versions of books at Spiral Dynamics and ValueMatch Partner for Russia. Hans will have an interview with Anatoly about the present situation in Russia and what he is experiencing at that side of this immense conflict and clash of values. How can we look from the Integral Framework to this war and especially to what is happening in yourself?

We are all very deeply touched and confused by the war in Ukraine. We, grown up in the after-war optimism of the peaceful cooperation, feel stunned and ask ourselves where it went wrong? What didn’t we see or didn’t want to see? Despite of the ‘far-away’ wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Georgia, ex-Jugoslav or Syria we felt safe here. Despite of the violent dictatorships in Chili, de Soviet Union, China, Greece, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Belarus or Azerbaijan, this would not happen again here in Europe. Invading an independent state with military troops and bombing cities and civilians, how is that possible in this 21th century …? How can we deal with that shock? What is the impact upon your inner system, how to bridge the gap of dissonance that is revealing itself? How to heal your inner Spiral? How to deal with the inner clash between your Green values and your (suppressed) Red? I am looking with wonder, admiration and a feeling of shame to the determination of the Ukrainian people. I don’t see myself doing that, nor we in this country, in such a way fighting for our most beloved values.

In break-out groups we will inquire and share our thoughts, feelings and experiences. The salon is online via ZOOM. Language is English. See beneath for interesting links.


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