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The Free Nations League, Salon January 30th 2024,

In this series of 4 online CHE salons, we explore how lasting peace in Europe might be realized. This fourth salon is about the Free Nations League. Our guest will be Dorzho Dugarov, a human rights activist and public figure from the Republic of Buryatia, living in Finland since 2016 as a political refugee. While there is still support in the West for Ukraine, there are also loud voices calling for negotiations between Russia and Ukraine, thinking this will lead to peace. The last three salons made clear that negotiating with Putin is not a realistic option. So, what might be other ways to sustainable peace in Europe? Dorzho Dugarov will tell us about another approach: the creation of the Free Nations League as a guarantor of a peaceful transition to post-Russian reality. For more information and signing up:

The first salon of this series of 4 online meetings was an introduction by the Russian historian Alexander Etkind about the Russian Federation and the end of this empire (see In the second salon our guest Dr Elke Fein presented a developmentally informed perspective on Russian politics and history as a basis for discussing the question: (Why) should we (not) negotiate with Putin‘s Russia? See In the third salon Valerii Pekar presented an integral analysis of war, showed the differences between Ukrainian and Russian societies and introduced another path to sustainable peace in Europe. This last presentation can be found soon on our CHE-YouTube channel.