CHE-Salon June 26th 2023 Nordic postmodernism and pre-modern challenges

What made the Nordic countries so successful and advanced from a Spiral Dynamics point of view? By our guest Teddy Hebo Larsen from Denmark

In this international CHE-salon we will shift our focus to the Nordic countries. The Nordic (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland) countries are obvious and good examples of post-modern societies with a typical GREEN centre of gravity (CoG). In this salon a thorough analysis and discussion is presented about what made these countries so successful and advanced from a Spiral Dynamics point of view. What can we learn from these developments for the place where we live.

Our guest Teddy Hebo Larsen is a partner at Re5, a privately-owned MedTech development company innovating the treatment of refractory depression. He has more than twenty-five years of experience at leading organizations such as Eli Lilly and Lundbeck. Teddy has extensive experience with the practical application of Spiral Dynamics in large organizations, worked closely with Dr. Don Beck and is co-author of the book Spiral Dynamics In Action.

A brief historical background will be provided as well as theoretical and philosophical perspectives in order to understand and identify some of the key success factors behind the advanced memetic position that these countries have. Relevant contemporary similarities and differences between the Nordic countries will be discussed, such as the challenges and opportunities regarding immigration, the reason for the application for membership of NATO (Sweden and Finland) as well as the growing level of anxiety that is currently seen in the Nordic countries. It is interesting to look to the challenges of blending people coming from countries with PURPLE/RED CoG with societies having a GREEN CoG.

The salon will also focus on, and discuss, early signs of second-tier consciousness that one would expect to see and experience in countries which notoriously has outlived most of the qualities of the GREEN meme, and as such should be ready for “the momentous leap” that Graves referred to in his ground-breaking 1974 article “Human Nature Prepares for a Momentous Leap.” Only time will show whether the Nordic countries possess the necessary adaptive intelligences – or are able to facilitate the development of them – in order to make the next surge on the Spiral.

The salon is online via ZOOM and will last ca. 2,5 hours. It will consist of two parts. One block with Teddy’s Larsen introduction and Q&A. In the second part we will dialogue in breakout groups on what we can learn from the situation in the Nordic countries to better understand the developments in our own country. We will close with a common sharing. Teddy will join us for the whole session, the language is English.

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We hope to meet you!!

Auke van Nimwegen, Hans Ruijs, Lars Lutje Schipholt and Leida Schuringa


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