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Findhorn is a coastal town in the north of Scotland. Findhorn is also a field of transformation as experienced by the approximately 650 people living in the Findhorn FoundationCommunity & Ecovillage live and work. “When I first came here in 1998, it was like stepping into the outer manifestation of my inner world,” says Lisette Schuitemaker, who has been on the board of the Findhorn Foundation since 2002 and has served as chairperson since 2014.

She has immersed herself in the connected way of life in Findhorn which is based on three practices:

  • Inner listening, that is, listening to the soft voice behind the cackling of the different parts of our personality. What really wants to happen through me? What is the greater will that is part of the one that wants to express itself through me?
  • Co-creating with the intelligences of nature, in other words being aware that we do not only live on this planet, in this cosmos. That everything is alive and therefore a being with a name, properties and a role in the whole. That we can contact and work together with devas, angels and other subtle entities from pure intention.
  • Work is love in action, i.e. every task is worth showing your full love. Vacuuming, working in the garden, e-mailing or participating in an evening like this – you can always consciously start the cycle of love by giving to the work and have the work returned to you – usually exactly what you need.

In this salon we briefly walk through the SDi Spiral. Then Lisette takes us into the connected way of life as it has been developed and practiced in Findhorn since 1962. She will briefly give some context, but above all we will work with angels, with inner listening and with work as love in action. She also has a question – if we look through the glasses of SDi look at the Findhorn Foundation, what do we see? Which value systems seem well represented based on what she says and what you experience on this evening at 'Findhorn', and which seem underexposed? This is a valuable reflection for her and, as she expects, a valuable exercise for those present.

Lisette Schuitemaker has been actively involved in the CHE from the start and still fulfills the role of chairman of the Center for Human Emergence (NL) foundation. Previously, she was an entrepreneur in communications, obtained a BSc in Brennan Healing Science and had a healing/coaching practice. In recent years she has written three books, two of which are also in English. Here a recent interview with her in which she also talks about Findhorn.

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For a good planning of the kitchen and the purchases, we pass on the number of diners on Friday morning. Signing up is important, even if you don't join us for dinner. Depending on the number of registrations, we will look for a suitable space. On the day of the salon you will receive an email to know in which room the salon will take place.

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Eating together

Venwoude offers the visitors of the salon the opportunity to join the meal. The vegetarian meals are prepared with full-fledged products and fresh vegetables from the region and the season. Venwoude charges € 13,50 pp (in cash and to be paid to the CHE Salonhost there) and it is appreciated if we help clean up.

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