Our team

The CHE is currently in a transitional period, also with regard to organizational structure. There is a small foundation board that bears ultimate responsibility. Three constellations are also active and two people have special roles, such as coordinator of the salons and Burgerberaad climate. In the course of 2021, a new work structure will be worked towards that will have a slightly holacratic character with rollers and a number of circles.

The CHE as a movement is partly shaped by anyone who feels an intrinsic impulse to it. This can be in the form of salons, constellations, projects and other meetings that you can participate in and that can be initiated in consultation with you.

FOUNDER Peter Merry
Treasurer Leida Schuringa
Secretary Lars Lutje Schiphol
Contact person Decolonization Sumadi Bambang Oetomo
Contact person Energetics Peter Merry
Contact person Living together in unity Cle Burgers
Global Activities Contact Annelies Weijschede
Citizens' Council Climate & Environment Leida Schuringa




Treasurer Leida Schuringa:

In 2005 I listened to an analysis of the murder of Theo van Gogh by Don Beck. Then Peter Merry explained the Spiral Dynamics model. I was immediately 'taken'. What a clear vision was brought to the world around us! I also recognized a lot of the different layers of development in my work as a coach, trainer and community worker. Since then I have played an active role in the CHE. I'm very happy with the reboot we're making now. I think we really need this focus on Integral Leadership in today's complex world.

Secretary Lars Lutje Schipholt

About 10 years ago I regularly published blogs about integrated thinking. But to be honest, it was still quite a mental exercise back then and I was often not yet congruent with what I was saying or writing. After that I really did a lot in the field of consciousness development. I now propagate the integral philosophy in a lived-in way, as an integral coach and spaceholder of meetings. And now also as a board member and salon host of the CHE. A great club of conscious people with a second tier view of organizational and social issues.