What is a CHE CAFé?

CHE Cafe
CHE CAFé 'to change, we change' The CHE CAFé is an online place for those who desire to influence cohesion, movement and bloom from emergence and integral leadership; researching, practicing and co-creating through questions in a major event. You don't know long in advance who or what is coming in a CAFé, it presents itself… the guest presenter, a film. Anyone who feels called to join the (zoom) room that offers security and space. What is needed? What does love actually have to do with it? Listening deeply, speaking your 'truth', knowing each other and our interconnectedness. The online Café was created in 2020 during the Covid Intelligent Lockdown. Questions we asked ourselves around the outbreak of the pandemic included: How do we think of ourselves integrally, or as a whole from here? Can we deal with this as a 'global village'? What is there to see for the system? What is needed now? The CHE CAFé is based on a World Café and it starts small. Perhaps from here a smaller, more solid connection arises to explore a theme in more depth, or perhaps it develops into a recurring meeting… Anyway, always from the renewed focus of the CHE: developing integral leadership. If this information resonates and curiosity is aroused… you are most welcome! You can also be automatically invited {link to registration} to Salons, CHE CAFés and other CHE activities.  When a CHE CAFé has been programmed, you can read that at CHE CURRENT {link} and you can giving up. After registration you will receive a link in your email for the zoom meeting with waiting area.

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