Live CHE salon June 15 Parallel worlds


June 15


07: 15 pm - 09: 45 pm

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Hannie Grateful Passage 23

23 Hannie Dankbaarpassage, 1053 AT Amsterdam

Amsterdam, NH, NL, 1053 AT

Our guest in this CHE Salon (live in Amsterdam) in the series 'Integral Leadership' is visual artist Peter van den Akker.

Peter van den Akker works from a close involvement with current social developments. He is currently exhibiting with a solo exhibition 'Parallelle Werelden' at Beeldend Gesproken, a social enterprise, art library, gallery and stage for professional artists in the Hallen in Amsterdam. In the picture: 'Empty city' 2021 Acrylic on canvas 150×100 cm

We will dive with Peter into the creation process of one or two of his works and will reflect on the different stages that we can discover in the creation process.

To quote Charles Eisenstein: “What's it like to be you?” let's start with Peter himself. Where does creating start for Peter? How does he recognize what is happening inside? And how does it show itself? He takes us on an open investigation.

In the second part of the evening we expand the search process in 2 or 2 groups. We look within ourselves to the birthplace of creation. How does creation begin in each of us? In what state of consciousness? What are the emergent signals of creation? And how do you recognize it? What wants to make itself known through us? Can you practice creating?


In the summer of 2010, Peter van den Akker left for the Tuscan countryside of Italy on his own. It marked the beginning of a period that he later describes as very flourishing. He described his experiences as 'artist in residence' in a summer blog

Peter lives and works in Amsterdam. He studied at the Art Academy HKU in Utrecht. His work is in museum, private and corporate collections and can be regularly seen in various solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad.

Statement: “In my work, the human image is central; not as an individual but as a universal figure, in which I transparently bring forward images of time and layers in human action. Such as relationships between people, shifts in world cultures, changes in technology, architecture, nature. This in relation to the changing view of humanity.”

Visually Spoken – Artotheek – Gallery – Podium – is the social art library in the Netherlands that contributes to an inclusive society and can be visited in the Hallen in Amsterdam


You are cordially invited to participate in this CHE Salon. There is room for about 12 people. You can sign up by clicking the green EventBrite link. You will then receive a confirmation of your registration.

The location opens at 19:00 PM. We start at 19:15 PM sharp. If you are unexpectedly unable to come, send a text to Annelies Weijschedé: 06-15398808

Within the Center for Human Emergence (CHE) we face the challenge of developing new, more complex and creative ways of thinking and acting. In the series 'Integral Leadership' we invite you to create a space together with a guest in which we can discover, experience, listen and share around this theme. If you want to know more about the CHE and its research into integrated leadership, go to You can also sign up for our newsletter there.


We offer these salons based on the “purpose and principles” of the CHE. To make this permanently possible in the future, we ask you to make a financial contribution per salon. If that is an obstacle for you, let us know via

Kind regards, on behalf of CHE,

Peter van den Akker and Annelies Weijschedé (salon host)

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