Salon: From top dog to one of the people


November 10


07: 15 pm - 09: 15 pm

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Self-management, vulnerability and budding integrality with Leonie van der Steen (Squarewise)

Until the company became 'steward owned' at the beginning of this year, Leonie was director of Squarewise. Now she is 'one of the people' there: the company is its own and no longer has a hierarchy. Squarewise is an impact organization that helps shape the new world.

Transition Makers

The team of transition makers works on solutions for social issues, such as energy transition in the built environment, the agricultural transition and the circular economy. Out of love for the earth, with attention to society. Leonie has helped to create public-private partnerships, such as Reimarkt Enschede, Groene Cirkels Heineken and the Green Deal CSR network concrete. She has recently been involved in various natural gas-free neighbourhoods, such as Utrecht Overvecht, Van der Pek in Amsterdam and Groenoord in Schiedam.

She increasingly expresses herself as a challenger to the status quo in the construction sector. According to her, this time of radical changes requires radically different behaviour. For example, 55+ people no longer have to sit in the driver's seat, but stand next to it. And she puts the discussion about new building standards in perspective with the statement: “They are there for those lagging behind, frontrunners had better let go of all the brakes”.

Nascent awakening

In the early years at Squarewise, a burgeoning awakening presented itself to Leonie. She knew it had to be done differently, but not yet how. By putting himself completely vulnerable and open in the dominant Blue/Orange consultancy company that was Squarewise at the time, a breakthrough occurred. A different type of leadership and leadership became possible.

Leonie will talk to us about what that leadership is, what motivated her to take the step to put herself in a vulnerable position and what is now being asked of her to let Squarewise take the next natural step.

Integral leadership for the young generation

With us she wants to explore the question of what Integral leadership has to offer the young generation. A generation for whom the climate crisis is not an image of the future, but a harsh reality in which they live their lives. In a team with many young people, Leonie notices on a daily basis how hard they experience working on (the resistance to) transitions. How do you, as an Integral leader, contribute to the fact that they can recognize reality, face the change-averse in the regime and still allow themselves the space to relax and to continue to feel love for the world?

This salon will also take place online.

Program until the end of the year

  • Wednesday November 24: What does decolonization require of us? How can we work on this in an Integrated way? The Constellation Decolonization conducted intensive research into this theme for 1,5 years. From everyone's own experience, we delved into the colonial past of the Netherlands and how that affects today's society and specifically in our own lives. We shared many different sources with each other, such as books, articles, TV programs, documentaries, etc. In this salon we will share some of our findings, but above all we want to share our way of working by applying it.
  • wednesday 8 december: Josine van der Brug (can-do-lawyer and founder of the Dataconnecters and the We4U app, among others) will share her experience with personal development as an integral leader.
  • In early 2022 Eva Rovers (author and active in the field of climate and environment) will join the series of salons about Integral leadership.

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