CHE Salon Corona and Integral leadership


December 8


07: 15 pm - 09: 15 pm

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From an Integral perspective we look at the values, arguments, motives that play a role in the complex discussions surrounding Corona

We would like to invite you to the next CHE salon on Wednesday 8 December. This date was reserved for our guest Josine van der Brug, but unfortunately first her youngest son and now she got Corona herself. Whole family in quarantine for two weeks…. The evening with Josine has been moved to January. Together with all the new Corona measures and the protests against them, however, this seemed to us a good reason to look at the current pandemic together with our guest Leida Schuringa on December 8 from a Second Tier perspective, from an Integral awareness that all colors of the Spiral in wears.

This way we can practice applying Spiral Dynamics to a current theme. Which value systems play a role in this complex situation and in the discussions? Which values ​​clash with each other? Is it possible to make Integrated Policy based on the positive elements of the different value systems? Is it possible to formulate a transcending goal? Could that lead to policies that reduce the increasing polarization that is currently underway? Can we perhaps develop a policy that is not based on fear but on clarity and compassion, while at the same time doing everything possible to contain the virus worldwide or at least learn to live with it? What new insights can applying an Integral perspective bring, for ourselves and for society?

Leida will indicate at the start of the salon how she sees the argumentation, motives and motivations of the different value systems in the Corona happening. She will also take into account people for whom SD is new (but it is useful if you orientate yourself a bit, for example on )

The question for the breakout groups is whether and, if so, how we can integrate the differences and what it takes from us not to react out of fear. This salon has the character of a search process. Nobody has the answer.

Kind regards, on behalf of the CHE-NL program committee:

Domi Lambregts, Hans Mertens, Lars Lutje Schipholt and Leida Schuringa


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The program of the following salons is as follows:

- Wednesday 12 January: The theme is Integrity in the consultancy practice with guest Josine van der Brug ((TACT Legal & Privacy, can-do-lawyer and founder of, among others, the Dataconnecters and the We4U app). In the training as a lawyer, the knowledge transferred is mainly limited to only legislation and regulations. Josine points out that partly because of this, a large number of lawyers and lawyers seem to be detached from the complex reality. As if there is a parallel universe: the factual reality and the legal reality. Which of course is not the case. only lawyers have this limited view.There are more professional groups that view it this way.Josine will talk to us about what integrated advice entails in her opinion and what that could bring us.

- Wednesday 9 February Eva Rovers (author and active in the field of climate and environment) as a guest at the series of salons on Integral leadership (still subject to change).

If you have a suggestion for a guest, please send an email to A recording is made of each salon that is developed into a report, a short article, an infographic or a podcast. You can then find them on the website.

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