The climate and us: CHE salon February 9


February 9


07: 15 pm - 09: 15 pm

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Our guest Eva Rovers takes us along in her leadership development at the intersection of climate, environment and democracy

We would like to invite you to the next CHE salon in the series on Integral Leadership with our guest Eva Rovers (author and active at the intersection of climate, environment and democracy). Each of us has to deal with the consequences of climate change. Due to the recent accelerated crumbling of a huge glacier in Antarctica, the sea level here will rise even more and the plans for dyke reinforcement will have to be adjusted again. The strong attack on our ecological environment leads to an incredible loss of biodiversity (60% of the number of vertebrates have disappeared in the past 50 years) and threatens our food supply (without insects no fertilization). Just to name a few things.

How can we deal with our apprehensions, fears and worries about the future of humanity? Can we still exert influence? How can we take leadership? Eva Rovers will take us along on her own development path and her 'drive' to fully commit herself to greater citizen's say in climate and environmental policy.

Eva is a writer and cultural historian. She wrote biographies of Helene Kröller-Müller and Boudewijn Büch (see ). In recent years she has mainly written about ways in which ordinary people can bring about extraordinary social changes. It sees an important role for citizens' deliberations (also known as citizens' panels or citizens' assemblies) in this regard and therefore, together with others, Citizens' Council Bureau on. Together with Pakhuis de Zwijger she set up a international knowledge project on climate-citizen deliberations and developed a site with the most important lessons. She was also involved as a consultant in the Amsterdam mini-citizen deliberation on the city's climate goals.

Her leadership in this area is becoming increasingly visible and she would like to pay attention to everything that can contribute to the realization of climate citizen deliberations. But that also leads to tension. An important question she now faces is: how can I maintain a balance between requests and possibilities from outside on the one hand (for example requests for introductions, ideas for collaboration with all kinds of partners, writing assignments that can inform a wide audience about the subject), and on the other hand enough time and space for myself and the book I want to write myself on this subject. Many of us will recognize this field of tension and how to deal with it will therefore become the focus of the joint conversation.

This salon will also take place online.

Program in 2022

• Once a month a salon on Integral leadership will take place. On March 9th Floor de Ruiter will be our guest. Theme: Integrated leadership in rural areas. How do you get from Blue/Orange to Green/Yellow? The dates after that are April 13, May 11 and June 15. If you have a suggestion for a guest, please send an email to

• On the intervening Wednesdays there is room for other salons such as those that will be organized by the constellation decolonization. The first will take place on March 23.

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