Salon Integral leadership in the city


October 13


07: 15 pm - 09: 15 pm

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Our guest Sumadi Bambang Oetomo talks about his development as an Integral leader and his contribution to the democratization of Amsterdam.

We would like to invite you to the next CHE salon! On October 13 at 19.15:XNUMX PM you are cordially invited to the second meeting of a new series of salons in which we explore the theme of Integral Leadership. This is in line with the new CHE purpose: the development of Yellow/Integral leadership for social innovation. The website contains a description of how we view Integral Leadership and you can also find a report of the first meeting there (

For this salon we have Sumadi Bambang Oetomo invited as a guest. He will talk about his development as an Integral leader and how this manifests itself in his contribution to the democratization of Amsterdam-West.

sumadi: “My life is made up of 2 parts, one before I had a life-changing experience and a life after. Before the said experience, I was not aware that I was being torn between two cultures. After that experience there is the realization that you are not a victim of life. The realization that I have something to bring to Western culture. Becoming aware of my partly Asian background opened a door for me, which enabled me to step into Dutch society with the idea that I have something to contribute there. I noticed that a lot of people here think it's important to do and only get satisfaction from that. From the conversations I had, it became clear to me that there is a great desire to simply are.

It has become my mission to further strengthen and develop this aspect of the human experience in Dutch culture. This focus has led to an enormous commitment, in which I have, among other things, taken on leadership for creating an environmental vision together with my fellow residents, in the Sierpleinbuurt in Amsterdam Nieuw West. This with the aim of creating a sustainable community in this neighborhood in which local residents bear more responsibility for the management and future of their own neighbourhood. I am also inspired by the perspective of Spiral Dynamics.”

Sumadi will end his story with a question about where he is now in his development as an Integral Leader. What is he running into now? What is the next step for him? You are invited to think along about his question, first in break-out groups and then in the entire group. This salon will take place online.

In the following salons, guests also share their experiences with personal development as an integral leader from different social perspectives. On November 10 we will receive Leonie van der Steen (sustainability in construction and social enterprise). Other people with whom we are now in contact include Eva Rovers (author and active in the field of climate and environment) and Josine van der Brug (can-do lawyer and founder of, among others, the Dataverbinders and the We4U app). If you have a suggestion for a guest, please send an email to

For the time being, the salons will take place once a month. A recording is made of each salon that is developed into a report, a short article, an infographic or a podcast. You can then find them on the website.

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Domi Lambregts, Hans Mertens and Leida Schuringa


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