What is the CHE?

the development of integral (yellow) leadership in favor of societal innovation is what we, as CHE, want to manifest in the world

This is the purpose of Center for Human Emergence NL (CHE NL).

The principles with which we aim to realise this purpose are:

We assume oneness
We acknowledge natural order in all life
We enact the role that is ours to play
We act when the time is right and hold when it’s not
We clarify creative tension until new insight emerges
We act from mutual trust and are accountable to each other and the whole at all times
We practice full presence and radical authenticity
We open our hearts – tot the voice of the whole
We pay attention to the evolutionary impulse as it arises as us
We move ourselves as that impuls with swiftness, precision and LOVE

What happens when we express this purpose and these principles in all aspects of our lives? That is what CHE NL is about.

How to read the above

Please read the purpose and principles, maybe say them them aloud and then take a minute of silence to allow not only your mind but also your heart and belly to be touched – or not.

Crisis? Crisis of consciousness!

Our society is undergoing a momentous transition. The financial crisis, the climate crisis and the tension of cultures that increasingly drift apart are examples of issues that have arisen out of our previous decades successes. Solutions are not to be found if we pursue the same way of thinking and acting that causes the problems initially. We are faced with the challenge to develop new, more complex and creative ways of thinking and acting. Meeting this challenge requires consciousness, and a decision of willpower. The purpose and principles of CHE NL is how we meet this challenge.

Is CHE from/for you?

CHE NL is from and for everyone who is willing to put the abovementioned purpose and principles first in their lives. This website offers you a taste of What CHE does

and How CHE is going about this. If this resonates with you, we look forward to meet you and explore what is willing to happen between us.