From impasse to breakthrough in Dutch politics, CHE salon

Dutch politics is completely at a standstill. Is a breakthrough possible? With: organizational developer Paul Zuiker and diplomat Erika Koehler

Dutch politics is completely at a standstill. Where can we find the breakthrough potential to get out of the polarization and the impending impasse? What does Spiral Dynamics have to offer here? These questions will be discussed at the next CHE salon with our guests: Paul Zuiker and Erika Koehler. They explain why the familiar Left-Right thinking no longer works as an explanation model for what is going on in our country and that it even has a counterproductive effect. We need a new approach to better understand what is really going on and what other perspectives for action could be.

In the Dutch elections last November, approximately half of the population cast a protest vote and we are increasingly polarized, in 'us versus them'. This phenomenon is not typically Dutch but appears everywhere in the Western world. What awaits us next year when half of the world's population will go to the polls?

Speaking in terms of 'left' versus 'right' increases the confusion and – worse – the divide between population groups. By looking at the Dutch situation from the Spiral Dynamics value perspective, we expose the underlying mechanisms. We make it clear what this situation is a symptom of and how it could arise. We explain what this can lead to and what the remedy is.

Paul Zuiker is co-author of the book The Netherlands is about to break through, which highlights our Dutch history from a values-oriented perspective. Paul supports organizations in their development, guides management teams and coaches professionals and managers. He is co-founder of ValueMatch, which develops Spiral Dynamics instruments that are now used in more than 30 countries.

Erika Koehler has been a diplomat for the Netherlands for over 25 years. She is currently a strategist at the Europe department in The Hague and has a lot to do with politics and think tanks such as Clingendael and HCSS. She has had very different positions and worked at embassies, such as in Washington DC. She is also a Spiral Dynamics coach and mediator because of her interest in people's motivations.

This Dutch-language salon will take place online via ZOOM and lasts approximately 2,5 hours. The program consists of two blocks: 1. Paul and Erika's presentation followed by a Q&A and 2. Processing and deepening through small groups and an exploratory conversation. We ask for a small contribution (between 5 and 25 euros) to participate in the salon (to cover a number of organizational costs).

Some prior knowledge of Spiral Dynamics is recommended. If it's completely new to you, take a look of

Other interesting material: You can already read the following article by the introducers that was published in Vrij Nederland: Or their article Beyond polarization : Beyond Polarization – Center for Human Emergence. Or Otto Scharmer's article: 2023 in eight points: meditating on our planetary moment (

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Auke van Nimwegen, Hans Ruijs and Leida Schuringa


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