What is a Salon?

A CHE Salon is a place of experimentation where you master your skills with heart and mind to flourish as a person – especially in this complex time.  In Salons you discover, think and act from the full spectrum of integral perspectives (Spiral Dynamics integral) and 'praxis' that has been developed within CHE over the past 15 years with 'what wants to arise' (emergence) within current fields of attention.  you can integral leadership [link] discover and experiment with people who inwardly know that they are 'born for this time' and who want to commit themselves to it.
To change the world, we change! The Salon has been a place within CHE since 2005 to 'second tier' to practice; to get to know each other and the CHE philosophy – the integral model and 'the Sprial' – better. From this 'horizontal' connection we feed 'the field' by connecting energetically with a higher frequency (the vertical connection). Often become initiators invited to explore boundaries afterwards. In such a way that the evening also provides lecturers with new insight. Gaining knowledge and experimenting go hand in hand. When a subject or theme is brought to life, the joint research starts. The evening ends with the harvesting of what has been 'unpacked' together and discovered for the benefit of social renewal. A Salon indirectly offers you a map for your view on life. Who are you? For example, from which transcendent goal do you live and how has your life changed over time on different layers? What was transcended (certain limited beliefs and values) and what capabilities were included? In addition to the personal, we examine the collective perspective. We then view ourselves in relation to the complex social environment from within (the invisible) and from the outside (the visible) with heightened spiritual awareness. For example, to what extent do you live in your social environment and to what extent your social environment in you. Experimentation is usually embedded in a structure that allows us to listen deeply, relate and tap into the collective wisdom and intelligence. The direct practice of a heightened embodied spiritual awareness (non-dual mindfulness, 'spirit', unity consciousness) underlies helpful forms of dialogue we use, such as speaking to the center and unresponsiveness and working with a 'witness'. The evenings are facilitated by CHE Hosts (who are trained in Art of Hosting [link to thought well or sources - where does this say]. Whoever comes are the right people. From the perspective of the whole, research is embedded Ken Wilber's 4 Quadrant Model about the 4 'relationships' that are observable within ourselves (thinking, feelings, intuition, intentions, etc.) but also within and outside ourselves in the relationship with the other (our behaviour, our culture and the collective environment and circumstances in which we live) to balance and integrate. With this we design an opportunity to explore what is healthy and functional in each quadrant – where is it thriving and where are growth opportunities? And what are the possibilities? grow up [link to]  wake up, [link to]   clean up  [link to]   & Show up  [link to]  in our lives and work to contribute to a resilient society in harmony? Incidentally, for your personal practice you get a more conscious picture of where you sometimes still 'break' your own heart and that of others, and how this screw-up  [link to] often both the shadow and a 'wellspring' to love and vitality. CHE Salons are active with 'the Spiral' and the inclusion and integration of value systems (Levels/Stages) according to the model of spiral dynamics [link to]  worked. This is the foundation from which CHE arose and from which all other praxis unfolded. This foundation is always practiced and 'passed on' in Salons. Sometimes an entire Salon will be devoted to a single value system, in so-called recurring series COLOR SALONS { link to]. If this information resonates and curiosity is aroused… you are most welcome! You can also be automatically invited to CHE Salons and activities.   SIGN UP {link to sign up}.

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