What do you want?

We are curious to know what you are working on: what is your passion, what are you passionate about, what do you want to commit yourself to? If our intention and principles resonate with what and how you want to be, there is undoubtedly a place for you at the CHE!

You can participate in salons, a constellation or a project, or you start something yourself by bringing your idea into the world. Do you want to ask something or do you have an idea? Send an email to info@humanemergence.nl. You can also fulfill a role within the organization. We currently have the following vacancies, among others:

  • Salon host. The tasks of a salon host consist of: 1. Hosting CHE salons from an integral approach 2. Help prepare the annual program and 3. Put speakers on the map, invite and help prepare their contribution. For this you will receive a training CHE hosting, an SDi test, a conversation about the results of your test and you will be part of the team. We request being familiar with the integral philosophy and we ask a small contribution for training, SDi test and interview. Other costs will be payed by CHE.
  • We also want to make salon content available to a wider audience through articles and podcasts. For this we are looking for people who want to write transcripts, based on audio recordings, and who want to convert these transcripts into an article or podcast.
  • Social media and website administrator. The emphasis is on keeping the website up to date and further spreading news via Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Send an email to info@humanemergence.nl if you are interested in these or other volunteer roles within the CHE.

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