What is a Color Salon?

CHE ColorsSalon Let's color and play! De ColorsSalon is an invitation to participate in experiencing and experiencing all 8 colours, the value systems, of Spiral Dynamics. Each value system, perspective or stage (Wilber) has a color, the 'cold' collective colors Purple, Blue, Green and Turquoise, and the 'warm' individual colors Beige, Red, Orange and Yellow. You will especially (re-)discover that each color has its own set of characteristics in Color Salons. You just need to join in and register what is happening inside you. You will gain insights for yourself, but you will also recognize issues from the past and in our current collective society. In addition, in addition, you practice how to use Spiral Dynamics in your life. In the first part of the evening during this salon we surrender to the individual or collective value system under the guidance of an experienced practitioner of Spiral Dynamics. We immerse ourselves in that color, as it were, and put the critical self aside for a while and turn on our observer. In the second part we unpack together: What do you experience as pleasant about this value system, what evokes resistance, or are there emotional moments? Which colors live easily, which have you been able to fully include and transcend? What still require your attention? Each succeeding stage involves an increase in perspective and thus an increase in the capacity for mutual care and compassion. Ken Wilber — On the Nature of a Post-Metaphysical Spirituality Spiral Dynamics Integral is an approach to develop a multiple perspective on complex reality. To start with on a micro level, with the reality of your own life: What do I want to change, strengthen, release and what exactly do I want to add? Do you perhaps wonder why we would want to consciously perceive all colors – the multiple perspectives – within us? What's in it for the world? Or why you would want to live integral leadership for the greater whole? Also on the meso and macro level you can see so much more, you might even stop searching and be more present at:
  •  your self; knowing who you are, really knowing yourself in relation to…
  • 'the other', to really meet the other and connect with who and where she/he/it is.
  • to feel the place where you come from, your family, your roots and not only mentally, but also psychologically, physically and spiritually
  • how life is now, locally, globally and cosmic, to see reality, especially in times of crisis, and to be open to what wants to arise
  • the 'not-knowing'… to hold out and still move when the time is right and beyond (des) hope and resilience.
Spiral Dynamics Integral is a map and you are not the map. Every year we play and discover the colors and the map a few times a year. You are most welcome! You can stay informed here and sign up for a uitnodiging.

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