Salon religion in the Spiral


June 27


07: 00 pm - 09: 30 pm

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Vuurse Steeg 1, 3749 AN Lage-Vuursche

Lage-Vuursche, UT, NL, 3749 AN

Salon Religion in the Spiral

Religion is one of the basic human needs and a feature of every human community. From the beginning of human development, religious experience has played an important role and with the evolution of the human species, religion has also continued to develop. As is possible with all important areas of life, we can also look at religion integrally from Spiral Dynamics. That will be the focus of this salon.

We have a lot of images about religion, religion and spirituality, and probably a lot of judgments too. For example about Islam or Buddhism. Whether you were raised consciously religious in one of the world religions (here in the Netherlands mainly Christianity) or as an atheist, when you investigate, you often discover that there is a lot of religious history hidden in your thinking.

We are going to look at religion from the first person (my own spiritual development line), from the second person (how do I communicate with my Higher Self) and from the third person (what images do I have about God, religion, spirituality). And we examine what form religion takes in the different value systems.

This salon is given by Leida Schuringa (Synnervate), sociologist, SDi expert and fascinated by the phenomenon of religion for many years. The salon host is Leidje Witte, who specializes in Spiritual Intelligence.

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