Human Emergency places specific cookies to increase the ease of use for visitors. They help in functionality and are intended to gain insight into the functioning and effectiveness of the website.

This allows us to make the visited website as user-friendly and interesting as possible for the visitor. No data is collected that can be used to track individual users.

Functional cookies

Cookies that ensure that this website functions properly

The Human Emergency website uses cookies to ensure that our website works properly. For example, we use cookies for:

  • remembering information that you enter on the different pages, so that you do not have to fill in all your data again and again
  • passing information from one page to the next, for example if a long survey is completed or if you have to fill in data.
  • saving preferences, such as language, location, desired number of search results to be displayed, etc.
  • saving settings for optimal video playback, such as the desired buffer size and the resolution data of your screen
  • reading your browser settings to optimally display our website on your screen
  • detecting misuse of our website and services, for example by registering a number of successive failed login attempts
  • load the website evenly, so that the site remains accessible
  • offering the option to save login details so you don't have to re-enter them every time
  • make it possible to comment on our websites

Analytical cookies for Web statistics

Cookies with which we can measure the use of the website.

In order to determine which parts of the website are most interesting for our visitors, we continuously try to measure using AT Internet software how many visitors come to our website and which parts of the website are viewed the most. We use cookies for this.

Statistics are made of the information we collect in this way. These statistics give us insight into how often our web pages are visited, where visitors spend the most time, and so on. This enables us to make the structure, navigation and content of the website as user-friendly and optimal as possible. We cannot trace the statistics and other reports to persons.

We use cookies for:

  • tracking the number of visitors to our web pages
  • tracking the length of time each visitor spends on our web pages, visitors are not uniquely identifiable
  • determining the order in which a visitor visits the different pages of our website
  • assessing which parts of our site need updating
  • optimizing the website

Adjust cookie settings and more information

The cookie settings for this website can be changed at any time to your personal preference. The page where you can change these settings can be reached via this link Cookie settings. Here you can also find detailed information about which cookies we place specifically.