CHE-salon May 11, 2022: WHEELBARROW: the earth belongs to all of us!

Our guest Henry Mentink takes you into the new leadership needed to care for our planet

We would like to invite you to the next CHE salon on 11 May in the series on Integral leadership. This salon is about the rapid deterioration of the quality of our living environment and what you and I can do about it. Without our earth we are doomed. Henry Mentink therefore believes that the entire Earth should be on the World Heritage List and he now walks to UNESCO in Paris in 45 days to literally offer the earth in his wheelbarrow. Henry “the porter” departs from the Veerhuis on Earth Day (April 22). About 20 people walk along every day and all kinds of special events are organized by local people along the way to support the journey.

On May 11, he is almost half way, in Mons in the south of Belgium. We hear how the journey has gone so far. And we make the connection with the ideas of the CHE. How do his ideas and approach fit into integrated thinking? What is the strength of his down-to-earth approach in which he takes very concrete steps to increase awareness about caring for the earth? How does he shape his leadership in this? What is the power of his original approach that touches people?

In outbreak groups we will then investigate what we can do ourselves. What is our own relationship with the Earth? What could our role be in helping more people realize that there is only one planet like ours?

Henry Mentink knows how to make people enthusiastic about realizing a different society. He has been experimenting with the new economy/sharing economy for many years. He is the founder of MyWheels and from the Veerhuis in Varik he guides people in setting up organizations/companies in such a way that they no longer go bankrupt.

For more information about the crusade, see the website You can still support this action even though Henry is already on the way!

This salon will take place online.


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Lars Lutje Schipholt and Leida Schuringa

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