Which piece of the puzzle do you have in your hands?

Our society is undergoing a transition of unprecedented magnitude. The climate crisis, the (political) polarization in society, the loss of biodiversity, the consequences of international shifts such as Brexit, and of course the influence of the pandemic, Covid19. They are examples of problems that have resulted from our successes in recent decades. Which way is it going and (how) can we influence this? And what can be your contribution? Solutions cannot be found if we adopt the same thinking and acting that created the problems. We face the challenge of developing new, more complex and creative ways of thinking and acting. Accepting this challenge requires awareness and a will.

The Center for Human Emergence NL (CHE NL) wants to contribute to this from the Integral perspective. We do this in Salons, Constellations, Online Cafés and projects. Current themes are: decolonization, new politics and civil deliberation, Integral leadership, energetic working, collective shadow work and the personal development that is necessary for this. The intention of the CHE is currently focused on the development of Integral (Yellow) leadership for social innovation
De assumptions with which we want to realize this intention are:

  • We believe in unity in everything we do
  • We recognize natural order in all life
  • We fulfill the role that is ours
  • We act when the time is right and endure if not
  • We clarify creative tension until new insight presents itself
  • We act on the basis of mutual trust and are always prepared to account to each other and to the whole
  • We practice being consciously and fearlessly authentic:
    – we open our hearts to the voice of the whole
    – we respond to the evolutionary impulse as it arises when we come
    – we act – as part of that impulse – with speed, precision and love.

What is it like when we express these intentions and principles in all aspects of our lives? If these intentions and principles resonate with what and how you want to be, there is undoubtedly a place for you at the CHE! You can participate in salons, a constellation or a project. You can start something yourself to put your idea into the world. You can also fulfill a role within the organization. Do you want to ask something or do you have an idea? Send an email to info@humanemergence.nl