Energetic architecture (2012 – present)

If matter is condensed energy, by increasing coherence in the energetic architecture, can we make the relational and material dimensions more attuned to the universal principles of life, making both the parts and the whole more vital? That was the hypothesis with which Peter Merry first explored possible starting points and working methods that people within the CHE could use. He based this on what he learned in the ECO-therapy training, the techniques that Machaelle Wright applies from Perelandra and his own discoveries. Additions were made by Lisette Schuitemaker based on her BSc in Brennan Healing Science and experiences in Findhorn. His proposals for the inner work of opening to the unseen forces in creation were applied in the project Hello Circular World. Peter continues his research in the Constellation Energetics [link] but especially in the context of Ubiquity University [link]. His latest book Leading from the Field describes the basics of this approach.

Other items

ALL CHANGE! (2012)

How do you get to grips with change? After the French rule, the Kingdom of the Netherlands was created in 1813 – 1815. In 1839 Belgium secedes, in

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Turquoise Research (2011)

This research project arose from the feeling that a new paradigm is emerging in which different laws apply that generate elegant simple solutions for a number of

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