Hello Circular World (2012-2013)

The 'Hello Circular World' project was started, led by Anne-Marie Voorhoeve, based on the perceived need that people want to know where they can make a difference in this time of change. The aim was to set up a multi-media long-term campaign that is slowly unfolding in which the deeper desire for transformation is given a visible, tangible and recognizable voice, with which people can also 'easily' manifest their voice in order to achieve a meaningful interplay between people, between people and brands and people and nature. The campaign kicked off with a meeting with marketers about their leading role in making a sustainable lifestyle 'cool', which was also the theme of a interview in the Magazine for Marketing with Herman Wijffels and Anne-Marie Voorhoeve. In subsequent round-table sessions with marketers the process turned out to be happening faster than expected. Other organizations also suddenly embraced the ideas of the circular economy as completely self-evident, which is why the CHE has put the project on the pilot light. During the project, the project team worked on a personal level with the 5 child conclusions and in monitoring with ECO-therapy and the insights from the Energetic Architecture project.

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