An Integral view on (de)colonization (2020-2021)

The Decolonization Constellation started in the spring of 2020 with an in-depth study into (de)colonization. Different and diverse sources are used for this, but also and above all the search takes place in our own mind, feelings and experiences. How does our colonial past affect our current consciousness? In addition to many personal discoveries and the development of methods to discuss this theme, two participants of the Decolonization Constellation (Anita Floris and Leida Schuringa) are now attempting to put (part of) the insights on paper.

Other items

ALL CHANGE! (2012)

How do you get to grips with change? After the French rule, the Kingdom of the Netherlands was created in 1813 – 1815. In 1839 Belgium secedes, in

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Turquoise Research (2011)

This research project arose from the feeling that a new paradigm is emerging in which different laws apply that generate elegant simple solutions for a number of

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