ALL CHANGE! (2012)

How do you get to grips with change? After the French rule, the Kingdom of the Netherlands was created in 1813 – 1815. In 1839 Belgium secedes, in 1848 we get the constitution that still forms the basis of our democracy. Now times are changing drastically. The economic, ecological, financial and administrative systems are due for renewal and a new king will not bring the solution this time. The SDi Change Dynamics provide insight into how change takes place and what the preconditions are for making the transition to a new situation without stagnation. With a number of webinars, CHE Global offers insight into and knowledge of the SDi Change Dynamics so that more people can better understand this time of transition.

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Turquoise Research (2011)

This research project arose from the feeling that a new paradigm is emerging in which different laws apply that generate elegant simple solutions for a number of

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