citizens' council climate and environment

The chance that this Citizens' Deliberation will really take place in 2022 is increasing!!! Support our actions! The climate and ecological crises threaten us all

To keep the earth livable and limit economic damage as a result of the climate crisis, major changes are needed quickly. In recent decades, it has proved impossible for governments to adequately address the climate and ecological crisis.

The coalition Citizens' Council Climate & Environment, in which the CHE also participates, has drawn up a manifesto, now signed by more than 70 organisations. A petition has also been launched that has been signed by more than 6000 people.

We call on politicians to set up an ambitious Citizens' Council Climate & Environment in which citizens drawn by lot devise measures to combat the climate crisis and prevent biodiversity loss.

On June 22, 2021, we presented the manifest below and a short text for the coalition agreement in a playful way at the Binnenhof to Rutte and a number of 2nd MPs.

This Citizens' Council Climate & Environment:

  1. will be included in the new coalition agreement and will start in the autumn of 2021;
  2. consists of a group of citizens (minimum 150) selected by lottery, who are a fair reflection of the Dutch population and who are given sufficient time to inform and consider;
  3. has an open question, which offers scope for recommendations that go further than current policy, for example: 'What socially just measures can the Netherlands take to restore the ecological balance and prevent global warming by more than 1,5 degrees? '
  4. takes into account the latest scientific insights and a number of guiding principles**, including: planetary boundaries, social justice and the precautionary principle
  5. offers participants understandable and balanced information and gives them the opportunity to request documentation and speakers themselves;
  6. is given a clear mandate, so that recommendations are followed politically if they have the support of, for example, 65% of the participants;
  7. is set up and managed by an independent, non-profit organization;
  8. ensures that every person entered can actually participate, for example by offering a daily allowance and compensation for travel, accommodation and childcare costs;
  9. is given sufficient time and resources for preparation, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and supervision of the follow-up of the recommendations;
  10. is preceded by a broad social dialogue about the Citizens' Council Climate & Environment.

Go to and sign the petition

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