Turquoise Research (2011)

This research project arose from the sense that a new paradigm is emerging within which different laws apply that generate elegantly simple solutions to some of the complex problems we have been intensively concerned with. In Spiral Dynamics terms, we wanted to explore the shift from Green-Yellow (Harmony-Integration driven) to Yellow-Turquoise (Integral-Holistic) in a playful, integral and disciplined way. For this we chose the method of action learning in which insights obtained are tested in practice on the basis of the question: 'Which expressions of Turquoise did you observe in people, interactions, behaviors individually and collectively and in technologies and what does this mean for our understanding? of the Turquoise value system?' The research had three phases: 1. Design of an Integral Research Framework so that we had a well-defined field of practice for the research led by Ard Hordijk. 2. Applying the research framework in 3 contexts:
  • A scoping study for ether energy technology (research by Lisette Schuitemaker)
  • Solutions to Climate Change at COP16 in Mexico (research by Anne-Marie Voorhoeve)
  • CHE NL's own experience in applying a Turquoise perspective to the development of our organization (research by Jasper Rienstra)
3. Harvesting and integrating findings as well as presenting initial reflections on them (by Peter Merry in collaboration with Ard Hordijk) You can download this research here: Turquoise-Research-Project-Phase-1-Report.

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