Growing up through the different stages of development

From baby to adult we follow a path in which we can gain more and more insight into our existence and our field of view is also expanding: from egocentric via ethno- and world-centric to cosmocentric. We are increasingly seeing how each perspective is important to arrive at an integrated approach to issues. Where are you in this growing up process? And what did you experience in that?

Children go through different phases during their growing up process. We can look at development lines such as: motor, emotional, interpersonal, cognitive, moral. Their self-image and view of the world also grow. spiral dynamics is one of the ways to look at the development of these self-images and perspectives.

After the lockdown you can participate in a spiral walk to experience the different perspectives for yourself. You will immediately receive your personal SDi profile. You can also regularly participate in one of our color salons. If you already have more experience with Spiral Dynamics, you can also the SD test  to see how your knowledge of SD is doing.

This growing up is partly driven by inner processes and partly by living conditions: the environment in which you grow up and the (im)possibilities it offers. Phases in development have a certain order and you cannot skip a phase. From the modern (Orange) value system, you are consciously developing yourself: you choose an education and you learn skills and capabilities that are necessary in your work and to be successful. In a postmodern (Green) environment there is then more space to look at yourself: your emotions, your way of communicating with others, where you get stuck (triggers) and where that comes from. You can start exploring your personal shadows.

Clare Graves, who laid the foundation for Spiral Dynamics, discovered that after the postmodern (Green) perspective, a big leap will be made to the next integral (Yellow) value system. That's what's happening in the world right now. The CHE mainly focuses on the transition to Integrated thinking and acting because that is what the current world needs. Also read the article about this Towards an Integrated Netherlands

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growing up through the different stages of development
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