Towards an Integrated Netherlands

In the article Towards an Integrated Netherlands final  Leida Schuringa describes how the development from a Postmodern to an Integral view of life and way of life becomes visible in individuals, organizations and in society. In the evolutionary process of humanity, this is a very big leap because it marks the transition from operating from one-sided perspectives to a multiple view that includes and transcends all previous value systems. The Netherlands has developed into a (Post)Modern society with many innovative (citizen's) initiatives. At the same time, Dutch society is becoming increasingly fragmented and is in danger of falling back into a regression towards a more Traditional-Modern society. What is happening in the Netherlands, we also see in other parts of the world such as the US, Brazil and everywhere where populist currents are getting stronger. How come the Postmodern perspective, which essentially contains the seed of a more human and integral world, has not taken the lead? Why is it that the possibilities and solutions for all possible world problems are available, but are not applied? This article describes what hinders progress and what it takes to move in a more positive direction and connect to the ongoing evolutionary development. Attention is first paid to the pitfalls and unhealthy sides of the Postmodern value system. The following aspects keep us stuck in apparent contradictions, passivity and unproductive focus: OR-OR thinking from a one-sided perspective instead of AND-AND thinking from overview; too strong a belief in equality (everything has equal value) and resistance to any hierarchy; the savior's triangle; attaching too much importance to harmony and positive feelings and insufficient collective and personal leadership: fear of stepping out of 'the group'. The next question is: what is needed to overcome the current stagnation in the direction of the next Integral development stage? What can we do to get out of this stagnation, not to get stuck in all kinds of (apparent) contradictions and polarization? Given the unprecedented global challenges ahead, the only path that carries a promise is: “Moving forward: co-creating the future together from not knowing” (Otto Scharmer). How do we go down this road, how can we create this future? The key question here is: what is MORE TRUE and MORE VALUABLE? MORE TRUE: It is about finding the truth (such as 'NRC-checks' or 'Follow The Money'). It's about recognizing that some things more true than others, to substantiate that and go for it. In addition, we need everyone who can think clearly and is willing to conduct in-depth research. WORTH MORE: We need a long-term vision; a vision that lasts longer than one cabinet term; that people can already connect with, even if they have to give up. It's about discernment. It's about what worth more is. We need to rethink the way the world has been organized until now. Creating a liveable world for everyone and a balanced distribution of money and assets are important values ​​in this. The last part of the article describes how we can concretely see how this transition from Postmodern to Integral manifests itself in individuals, in groups/organizations and in society.

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