spiral dynamics

Spiral Dynamics is a globally applied model that provides insight into human development and change processes. Knowledge of Spiral Dynamics (SD) is extremely valuable to get a grip on the multifaceted needs (values ​​and motivations) of individuals, teams, organizations and society.

SD provides insight into the different value systems (also called values, motivations and/or colours) of people. Value systems reflect preferences in worldviews, beliefs and intrinsic motivations. They are determined by everyone's neurological 'wiring' (disposition/upbringing) and the perception of living conditions. Intrinsic drives strongly determine our perception, thinking, feeling, acting and avoiding. Value systems indicate, as it were, how we think and why we do what we do.

Eight Value Systems

From the original work of founders Prof. dr. Clare W. Graves, Dr. Don Beck en Christopher Cowano 8 unique value systems have been defined, all typified by a color.

  • Beige: survival and necessities of life
  • Purple: kinship, safety and security
  • Red: willpower, power and passion
  • Blue: stability, order and morality
  • Orange: self-development, rationality and result/success
  • Green: community spirit, feelings and harmony
  • Yellow: integral, synergy and systemic
  • Turquoise: Holism, Cosmic Consciousness and Synthesis

These value systems are one of the ways to look at developmental stages (part of the Integral Model). The CHE also links these stages to the four quadrants and then speaks of Spiral Dynamis integral (SDi). Read more about the 8 value systems of Spiral Dynamics and watch inspiring videos on our online learning environment: www.spiraldynamicsintegral.nl

Through our cooperation partners Synnervate  en Value match you can delve further into the value systems and how to apply them within your organization.

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