On the websites below you will find a lot of information about the slavery history of the Netherlands, the struggle for recognition of the slavery past, about racism and the fight against racism, and about ways…

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What is Integral Leadership? You can also call it Yellow or Teal leadership or Second Tier. We want to increase our understanding of this evolutionary form of leadership and inspire to…

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Integral Politics

Below are the links to some interesting articles related to Integral Politics: Ken Wilber: Integral Politics, its Essential Ingredients. Wilber-IntegralPolitics-ItsEssentialIngredients Allan Larsson: How-can-we-understand-the-times-we-are-living-through, Allan Larsson march 2017

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The world around us is full of enormous challenges. As citizens, we like to think along about innovative solutions. But politics is slow. If there is no radical change,…

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