Peace week and Unity week

Relying on process for peace and unity

Relying on process for peace and unity

Many first steps with the seasons

'peace week' celebrated the 21th anniversary of International Day of Peace (2022) on September 40, 1982. This annual Peaceweek offers an opportunity to connect in a multitude of programs in the Unity & Peace Convergence. The events that take place around the world and are brought together online are peace-oriented and created in love with the intention of bringing together both the institutions (such as the UN) and grassroots. The language of being immerses participants – who can also be presenters at the same time – in love, healing and unity consciousness. A week that grows, connects instead of separates and finds its prelude in World UNITY Week. Co-convenors be from the start Integral City and Ecoregions with Marilyn Hamilton and Tthe Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation & Emergence (THC) with Anne-Marie Voorhoeve and others From CHE NL, I hosted a few of the programs from 2020, first as a techie and then as co-steward.

Dynamic design

THC has been providing for some time in the summer month of June during World UNITY Week for special germination with a beautiful energy for peace and unity through meshweaving. Initially combined with activities in March or September from Co-Creating Europe and the associated 'Caravan of Unity' and of course with PeaceWeek.

CHE methods and language come to life in Co-Creating Europe, World Unity Week and PeaceWeek: 'No, it's not always easy, but we're there for each other and we're doing it anyway, right?'. 'Showing up – what will arise when you stand for something?'… Always listening deeply to where the energy is going. Slowing and accelerating. And especially don't get nervous if the program is not complete yet a week before the event. How exciting can such a period be. And how uplifting as it takes shape:'Trusting the process'. It's nice to share that in this newsletter because it shows how by trusting in creating and thriving together it releases the energy that makes an exuberant movement for Unity and Peace.

Convened in 2020 by hundreds of civil society organizations along with thousands of individuals, World UNITY Week is a field of 'whole living systems', encompassing the mid-year solstice, indigenous wisdom, conscious activism and much, much more. Such as the unique fundamental 'knowing' that as such we can co-create different parts of a great whole together with the intelligences of Nature and the Universe; the evolutionary impulse during the events is ubiquitous thanks to strong design, super service to each other and fast pattern recognition.

For World UNITY Week and PeaceWeek, everyone takes the first step during the March meetings with some of the key co-organizers to learn the many ways everyone can participate in World UNITY Week. If there is a criterion to experience, it is this: you bring a unique gift from the superordinated intention with the confidence that your heart will sing. The many experimental Convergence Rooms are linked to themes for co-creation and thanks to donations and sponsorship from the organizations that invest in a positive future, everything is offered 'freely' during these weeks.

Practice place for confidence

To celebrate the introduction of World Water Law by Shelley Ostroff and Yan Golding I initiated and hosted a Water Ceremony in 2020 that came about in 2 days with ao Little Grandmother, the dr. Masaru Emoto Peace Project, Sabine Van Baaren, Supercoherence en MiraMichelle. Ripples in the water, the impact of which may not have been immediately measurable, but whose radical tenderness can still be felt for a long time. Meanwhile, Water Law grew and there is #7coreneeds.

In 2020, somewhere in a room in the Netherlands behind a design table, a step was taken that was able to scale up thanks to the flourishing together for, among others, Caravan or Unity, and the impact of which is now so well measurable. It concerns Life Maps by Ellen van Dongen, CHE-er. She designed an instrument for intuitive 'self-discovery'. The inspiration was Marilyn Hamilton who uses the '4 voices in the city working together like in a beehive' as one of her 'Maps' for her program Integral City. The first version of Life Maps soon turned out to be a valuable scenario that visualizes and with which narrative can be reflected on perspectives and themes in 'Life' within cities and eco-regions. The performance has been 'practised' in cities in the Netherlands and Finland. Anne-Marie Voorhoeve saw the potential for Mesh working. And that's how Life Maps introduced itself during the Caravan of Unity in 2021. That it contains life force is apparent from how organic it is still used and continues to develop. The fourth or fifth version is called: 'devolving peace as a person, a citizen' and came out spring 2022.

Marilyn Hamilton and Lorraine Rytz from Findhorn in Scotland, Sue Cooper, from Nottingham in England and the undersigned, from Vreeland in the Netherlands, hosted by Ellen van Dongen, from Kockengen, also in the Netherlands, with the latest version taking a virtual walk through the past six months. each other's lives. On a beautiful map for each of them they stuck their values ​​and angels stickers that had already been chosen intuitively prior to the meeting. Through storytelling and deep listening, 4 processes unfolded for both the listeners and the storytellers, which they all experienced as very discovering. Authenticity, simplicity and cheerfulness characterized the meetings.

Harvesting when 'it' arises

To this day they 'walk' this version of Life Maps. There's still energy on it. The map offers a voyage of discovery. Experience shows how much it matters that others listen deeply when you tell. You suddenly see clearly where you stand and which direction you are going. It just never worked out and it happened naturally thanks to the space holding by Ellen van Dongen who doesn't take a step too early and everything that unfolds with grace receives. 's harvest session 'Devolving peace as a person, a citizen' was held online within PeaceWeek 2022.

by joint alignments and loving commitment in small and large groups rooted in peace and unity, complex challenges in the world take a less heavy hold on us. Thanks to the processes mentioned above, we don't let ourselves be paralyzed because we can experience in these environments that the tools are already there. We have the skills and the confidence to make shifts.

In conclusion:
Ellen van Dongen is working on a new version of Life Maps and will also bring Life Maps in the coming PeaceWeek. She also has the intention to start a next group of 2023 with Life Maps in 4 'devolving peace as a person, a citizen'. For more information:

Annelies Weijschedé co – creates in the coming months for a radical change in the meaning of mental (un)health and is active in: (work in progress).

Annelies Weijschedé, CHE Global Contacts

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