Integral Leadership

Developing Integral leadership

Developing and practicing Integral leadership is of great importance to the challenges we currently face in the world. From the Integral perspective you are able to better see through which apparently opposing viewpoints are in constant conflict with each other. The traditional, modern and postmodern perspectives often assume that they are right. From Integraal you can see that all those visions have added value in the solutions we need now.

How do you get started with (further) developing your Integral leadership? The CHE uses the following five inputs for this. First of all, we grow up through different stages such as spiral dynamics (SD) and other development models (grow up). Second, we develop the spiritual awareness that we are part of the greater whole (wake-up). During that development process we often get into all kinds of hassle (screw up). If we can see that as a 'blessing in disguise' and investigate where the pitfall is and where it comes from (clean-up), we are again better equipped to fulfill our mission in the world (show up).

These dimensions for personal development are not linear, but arise in a certain relationship with each other. They are also anchored in your body (embodiment). If you consciously want to develop your Integral leadership, there are exercises on all these dimensions that can support you.

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