Dedicating yourself to and manifesting in the world

By waking up spiritually, growing up and cleaning up, we build a strong authentic personality with which you can commit to and manifest in the world for the benefit of the greater whole. Because we don't do all this internal work just for our own benefit. When we talk about Integral Leadership, it is also about manifesting yourself in the world. You have specific qualities and talents that humanity needs. Your understanding of what's going on and your considered opinion matter. Your work and unique contribution to positive change are vital to our survival on this planet. So dare to come out with it! When you can look at situations with an Integral view and identify the role of all different perspectives/value systems, you are able to really add something new to existing analyses. When you can put aside your own opinions and engage in a listening dialogue with people who think differently from you, you can contribute to new forms of social cohesion and cooperation.

Within the CHE we support each other in this, for example through the constellations .

Wake up

developing your spiritual awareness

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grow up

growing up through the different stages of development
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Clean up

cleaning up your old patterns and pitfalls

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show up

commit yourself to and manifest in the world
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