Child choice in evolutionary perspective

CHE Salon Monday 13 May

19.00 – 21.30 at Venwoude, Vuursche Steeg 1, De Lage Vuursche

The child's choice in evolutionary perspective

with Lisette Schuitemaker

Whether or not to have children seems to be a highly personal choice. But what do we see when we look at this irrevocable decision—sometimes we make for ourselves and sometimes for us—from the evolutionary perspective through Spiral Dynamics? To what extent does the value system we live in determine how we ourselves and as a society view having children or not?


For her latest book Happy without Kids Lisette Schuitemaker conducted a worldwide survey online and spoke to more than 70 people aged 29-92 in sixteen countries. At this salon she wants to answer the question to what extent we are 'free' worldwide in our choice to shape our lives with or without children. We may be aware of our personal inner and outer motivations, but what does the evolutionary process tell us about what drives the decision to have children or not?

At this salon we will use the insights of Spiral Dynamics Integral. If you are not yet familiar with this framework, this is a great opportunity to get acquainted with it. Here read more about the integrated vision and here about the 8 value systems (and their colours). Since many regular visitors know the model well, we will not explain it again. If it is (reasonably) new to you, then it would be nice if you delved into the matter somewhat so that we can really spend the available time on joint research – in other words: what do we see/know/feel/sense about the theme 'already then not parenting' when we, as people with and without children, activate the successive value systems within ourselves. What does this say about us and our time?

Photo by Lisette Schuitemaker
Lisette Schuitemaker

Lisette Schuitemaker has immersed herself in increasing and transforming consciousness since the mid-90s. Since its foundation in 2005, she has been actively involved in the Center for Human Emergence in the Netherlands, where she has fulfilled a number of leadership roles and was, until recently, chair of the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland. Now she is a full-time author with 4 books in 5 languages. Her previous book The Oldest Daughter Effect was also the subject of her TEDx Talk. In addition, Lisette is an active impact investor in pioneering companies that engage in social entrepreneurship such as Impact Hub Amsterdam and Ubiquity University.

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Lisette Schuitemaker and Annelies Weijschedé