CHE-Salon 'Social Alchemy and the 7 levels of Co-creation' – October 7, 2016

Social Alchemy and the 7 levels of Co-creation
How to improve large scale collaboration with a governance and economic model that 'alchemizes society'?

With Mona Rabie (Egypt), Juan Carlos Kaiten (Mexico) and Anne-Marie Voorhoeve (NL) from The Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation and Emergence. Read more invitation

In this salon, we will explore the concept, systemic design, and practice of Social Alchemy. We will present our model for large-scale co-creation and systemic transformation called 'The School of Social Alchemy' and open a co-creative exploration of how we translate the universal laws & structure of creation into a governance and economic model that 'alchemizes society', enabling a life force to flow through that transmutes lower frequencies into higher ones and enables co-creation of innovations and communities from this place of unity.

We are using a fractal lens in this exploration, looking at how individuals, organizations, networks, & communities can all jump into one boat (or 'alchemical vessel') and join their gifts in co-creation. Some of the questions we would like to explore deeper are about:
– How can we imagine the embodiment of a yin/yang economic and governance model where we also integrate the role of the great mother in a social bio-mimicry process?
– How do the seven forces of creation and The School of Social Alchemy's '7 levels of Co-creation' relate to or translate to the levels of Spiral Dynamics?
– How can a lens on spiral dynamics of 'volution' (coined by Peter Merry) serve us in mimicking and embodying the torus model of nature in our co-creative model?

Join us for this exciting exploration!

Mona Rabie, Juan Carlos Kaiten, Anne-Marie Voorhoeve & Peter Luijten

The Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation and Emergence was founded by Peter Merry and Anne-Marie Voorhoeve within CHE in 2008, and is now a separate charitable foundation since 2014 with nodes in Mexico, Canada, Egypt. THC focuses on international societal challenges whose complexity requires collaboration between multiple stakeholders, with Mesh working at its core. THC catalyses, co-designs and facilitates transition processes towards better futures.
Anne-Marie Voorhoeve is founder of THC, strategic connector and social alchemist, as are Juan Carlos Kaiten, THC Mexico, and Mona Rabie, THC Egypt / Canada. Together they founded the School of Social Alchemy to serve the creation of new social systems and co-creative processes that balance the masculine and feminine to birth a harmonious society.

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– Tuesday December 6, 2016 – Anouk Brack – Intergal warriorship, embodying strength and presence
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Mona Rabie, Juan Carlos Kaiten, Anne-Marie Voorhoeve & Peter Luijten