2014 a challenging salon year

For eight years now, we have been organizing a salon every two weeks with a variety of topics and inspiring introductions. On such an in-depth Monday evening you can get to know the people and the ideas of CHE NL. This year, 19 salons are planned again, including a series on the theme of 'the daily practice'. The salons take place in Venwoude.

Rich program
We held 2013 salons in 19 with an average of 23 visitors! The biggest crowd pullers were: Peter Delahaye (Astrologist with a finger on the pulse of the zeitgeist), Danielle Doeve and Pernette van der Werff (Leadership Archetypes), Koen Bunders (on Holacracy) and Peter Merry (Disruption, Emergence and the Future of Higher Education).

The salon hosts are now inspired by the 2014 programming. We want to present a richly varied program in which there is room for silence and inner contemplation, but also for movement and dance or exploring how sound relates to the field of silence. Attention is also paid to second-tier initiatives in the living environment or in other parts of the world. On February 10, Synnervator Leida Schuringa, for example, provides an overview of the Hope Business project that she is setting up in Malawi together with local colleagues.

The new economy is another topic that we are exploring. Maybe that will be big… More about that in the next newsletter.

Giving a salon?
We like to meet people who are working on transformation in their own way, the world in transition. Who are inquisitive and curious. Who want to share their experience and wisdom in a salon and also want to learn from the wisdom of the people present there. Are you or do you know someone like that? Contact us: leidje@humanemergence.nl