Jaarverslag CHE 2016

2016 was another turbulent year in the world with the effects from climate change becoming ever more palpable, refugees camping out in abominable circumstances in southern Europe and near Calais, and Brexit and the election of Donald Trump showing the power of factfree politics. For CHE NL, this was a varied year with much dynamism and activity within Synnervate, at the Salons and in some of the Constellations. With many roles in the Alignment Circle unfulfilled, it was also a year to practice the principle of ‘acting when the time is right and holding when it is not’.

From its inception in 2005, the roadmap chosen by CHE NL to engage with the world is that of Spiral Dynamics integral (SDi). This model provides insight in people’s value systems which sometimes are called value-memes. Value systems mirror the preferences in distinct worldviews and intrinsic drives of people and organizations. They vary from person to person and are determined by someone’s neurological wiring and the perception of the life circumstances (nature/nurture). Intrinsic drives strongly determinate our perception, our thinking, feeling, acting and avoidance. Value systems indicate how people think and why we do what we do. The value-memes also give insight in the next natural step for a person, an organization, a region or a country in times of transition.

Applied to CHE NL, with our assumption of oneness, in SDi terms we assume the yellow and turquoise value memes that acknowledge (yellow) and live from (turquoise) the interconnected, interdependent one universal web of life. We aim to embody and include all 1st tier value systems with heart and soul, so we can bring them alive in our thinking and acting from a 2nd tier position, and may offer that way of being and seeing in connection to what happens in the world.

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