What does CHE stand for?
CHE stands for a coherent perspective, supporting Dutch society in striving for an integral and healthy state of being, where requisite diversity and functional alignment are the basis for conscious development and growth of human kind and our (natural) environment.

How does CHE contribute to our society?
CHE operates as an antenna for pioneering insights and practices that are able to contribute to sustainable solutions for challenges in our country. CHE builds a bridge between these insights and application. CHE invites each and every one of us to contribute by learning, experimenting and thus by being a catalyst for change in The Netherlands and the rest of the world. CHE invites people to bundle their individual and authentic forces for the conscious and innovative development of Dutch society.

How does CHE realize its core purpose?
CHE builds a community of professionals who recognize themselves in CHE’s insights and want to apply them in their specific field in relation to Dutch society. They contribute by teaming up in constellations and projects in which pioneering instruments, methods and techniques are being deepened, tried out, applied and further developed. We are closely connected with the founders of the different philosophies, for interaction and feedback.

CHE, who’s it for?
CHE is open to each person or organization that relates to CHE’s core purpose and wants to practice the core principles, devoting their passion and talent to The Netherlands and the world.

What do you get, when you join CHE?
• An intimate connection with the founders and ‘practitioners’ of the founding philosophies
• A safe habitat for exploring, practising and internalizing the philosophy
• A strong connection with people, resources and experiments in diverse fields
• A chance to contribute your potential to the bigger cause
• Regular events with contributions from the most significant thinkers and practitioners
• Access to the CHE salons

How can we change society through CHE’s philosophy?
This philosophy enables us to see our problems from a new perspective and to allow other solutions by experimenting from this new viewpoint. This leads to connections with like-minded people in those areas where solutions are needed.

Who can help me to set up a (CHE-related) project?
A lot of CHE’s members are autonomous entrepreneurs or employees, who experiment and apply the CHE’s philosophy. They can offer support and guidance.

How is the CHE organized?
The CHE has been set up in accordance with the fundamental organizing principles, known from evolution and nature, called Chaordic. The CHE organization is non-linear and characterized by self-governance and self-organization, adapting itself constantly to the increasing complexity. The core purpose and core principles are decisive for members’ relationships and behaviour.

What are they, core principles?
Core principles are purely descriptive. They guide all our actions, decisions and structures and are important for the integrity of the system. These principles are of high ethical and moral value. They can be seen as CHE’s DNA.