Welcome to the World of Third Generation Gravesians!

Welcome to the World of Third Generation Gravesians!

Here are the stories of the Third generation Gravesians, compiled and edited by Tom Christensen. Two new books about Spiral Dynamics and its application in the real world, called:
Vol. 1) Innovative Development: Emerging Worldviews and Systems Change
Vol. 2) Developmental Innovation: Emerging Worldviews and Individual Change

Collective intelligence is a natural evolutionary capacity. It is the newest, and likely most needed, of all human cognitive capacities. How do we emerge collective intelligence? There are many ways, such as Theory U, Teal Organizations, Integral Practice, Spiral Dynamics, and similar leading edge perspectives on life in these times. They all take human beings through the same existential trajectory, the path of human emergence. Professor Clare W. Graves researched and articulated this path. In reading these stories you will learn the Gravesian perspective. Learning Graves you will have a much deeper, refined, and personal presence in the collective intelligence experiments you are engaged in. If, along the way, you learn something useful in the linear world, that has been intentional too. The stories are all grounded in the linear world while the authors are attending also to the emerging collective intelligence.

The next five Dutch CHE authors have articles in these books:
– Voorhoeve, Anne-Marie: “Flourishing Through Coherence: Meshworking Multi-Stakeholders”
– Rienstra, Jasper: “Revaluing Purple, Red, Blue”
– Schuringa, Leida.: “Our Community Got Back Its Soul”
– Merry, Peter; Hordijk, Ard, : “Turquoise Research Project – Phase 1 Report”

In these four articles you will find examples of the best of what is developed in The Netherlands in the field of Spiral Dynamics and the Second Tier perspective. Link: www.graves3g.com .

Info about authors, chapters, and the source, Professor Clare W. Graves.