CHE’s School of Synnervation Training Programme 2011-2012

CHE’s School of Synnervation Training Programme 2011-2012

Arjen Bos, CHE Synnervate

CHE School of Synnervation is proudly presenting its Training Programme 2011 / 2012. And what an incredibly powerful learning offer it has become! Most courses have undergone some major upgrading and innovating over the past months, and we are launching several new courses that come from years of experience, studying and development.

You can directly download the digital brochure and the insert page with practical details here.

In this general brochure you will find short descriptions of the different training courses. We hope that you are inspired for example by the new Spiral Dynamics Integral Level 2 modules. These modules have been designed and will be offered by SDi senior and master practioners (Level 3 and 4) with years of experience in the specific theme.

You can also discover our extended ‘Powered By’ offer, these are the training programmes that we help manifesting, such as the brand new intensive 2,5 year study Integral Coaching by Marinet Ritz and Rob van Vliet, and Barrett C. Brown’s courses on leadership & sustainability. And finally, we welcome the Perfect Present by Marie-José Thunnissen and Mooi Boos! by Leidje Witte, both in collaboration with synnervator Jasper Rienstra.

It is this training programme that integrates the continuous development of our philosophy and worldviews at Center for Human Emergence The Netherlands, our practices at CHE Synnervate and our individual, personal and professional journeys as synnervators and trainers. They are an expression of our questions and our quests.

We hope to welcome you!