Announcement & Invitation: ‘Constellation Yin’

We are happy to announce to you the birth of this new constellation for women, initiated by Arielle Brouwer: “As Peter Merry and CHE started last year with their ‘quest for turquoise’, I felt deeply greatfull that a part of me that has been hidden for a long time, was recognized and was invited to reveal itself. I associate this part of me with the art of theatre. It makes me insecure and excited at the same time, to give in to the impulse of exploring these full feminine powers in me, and to fully embody them and presence them in real life.”


“When the Great Mother is repressed, the Great Goddess is concealed”

– Ken Wilber


The Constellation Yin started with three women: Arielle Brouwer, Sandra de Graaf and Els de Ranitz. The idea emerged from a deeply felt wish to be able to fully and completely embody the feminine aspects of Life in contrast to the ever present masculine energies that are abundantly available in current society. To be able to bridge this contrast in its full impact Constellation Yin is looking for ways to address, feel, translate into movement, art, speech and contact, the feminine energies as they arise.

The balance between feminine and masculine is a dynamic balance. The two amount to one in a relationship that reflects the ‘Golden Ratio’ and spirals into growth and evolution. Static balance between Yin and Yang merely freezes evolution and repeats old patterns. Therefor in this day and age we reconnect to Yin, as the dynamic calls for it.

Presencing Yin

We feel that for our potential to fully be disclosed and for us to fully feel alive, we have to integrate these aspects of self that have moved away from Earth and body intelligences. For us to integrate individualized self and disembodied mind aspects of today with the eminent Earth connection we have and all aspects of body intelligences we know, we wish to (re)discover and experience vital feminine powers, celebrate them and share this with others. We feel compelled to reveal and research yin-energy and liberate these feminine aspects to be expressed in the world as it currently evolves.


We ask ourselves:

How can we be fully present, experiencing all feminine aspects of our sacred being, awakening love and embodying wisdom? How can we embody and contain Yin energy for the good of ourselves and the  whole?

Aspects we practice:

Opening check in and containing yin

Experiencing feminine energy in group of women

See what is there to emerge

Share all sorts of (creative) forms to embody and explore and express the feminine,

exercises for healing and restoring yin energy

We contribute:

Arielle: acting and theatre, coaching women, intuition and improvisation

Sandra: fine arts, bodywork, grandmothers, coaching women

Els: intuitive development, healing, reading and leading practices

Our invitation:

We invite other women to join us on this quest for fully Presencing Yin, and to contribute to the constellation with their knowledge and experience.


Centrum voor Mens en Intuitie in Amersfoort or at Venwoude in Lage Vuursche.

Participants share the costs for the facilitation (we expect that will be 5 euro each time)


Meetings: every last Friday of the month, from 19.00 to 21.30.

Data 2012:

  • June 29th
  • August 31st
  • September 28th
  • October 26th
  • November 30th
  • December 28th

For signing up, contact Ariëlle at or call Ariëlle at 06 15474850, Sandra at 06 22446792 or Els at 06 28538327 for further information.