1st Transition to Resilience training

Lisette Schuitemaker, CHE NL

The first Transition to Resilience (T2R) training, developed by 8 cutting-edge organizations in the field of fostering resilient living in Europe, will be held in spring 2012 in Venwoude. Curious? Come to an introduction afternoon at Venwoude on November 4, 2011. And/or contact Lena Huisman.

In the past two years, CHE NL/Venwoude have taken part in a European Learning Partnership to develop an 8-module course ‘Transition to Resilience’. As the partnership ended, an Alliance was born through which the eight organizations involved aim to continue to bring together their expertise for lifelong education in the field of social, economical and ecological sustainability.

The resulting learning journey for change makers, T2R, is designed  to support those who work in local government, NGO’s and the community towards the creation of sustainable living environments, both urban and rural. Examples of projects could include building community in cities, setting up Transition Town Initiatives, CO2-reduction programs, energy self-reliance inbioregions, fostering rural urban village networks etc.

While there is a clear framework, the design of the course is based on the model of Action Learning. This means the journey can be adapted to the participants needs as they set up their own sustainable projects and bring their experience and challenges in as learnings. The first course will be given in the Netherlands at the community of Venwoude, starting in the spring of 2012. Staff include Lena Huisman (Venwoude) and Anouk Brack (Experience Integral). Want to know more? Come to the introductory afternoon or send Lena an email!