Geplaatst op 29 oktober 2015

Do you want to explore with us the qualities of our undermost 1st Tier value-system?
Join us in our Inquiry into the Beauty of Beige. (The salon will be in English and Dutch)

Given that many societies today are faced with rapidly shifting and often stressful life conditions, ‘Beige’, defined in Spiral Dynamics integral (SDi) as our physical ‘survival’ system, becomes activated in ways that either contribute to or inhibit human evolutionary capacity and potential.

Being ‘non-cognitive’ and ‘unconscious’, Beige is not often addressed from 2nd Tier perspective. Why? Is it so close to us that we cannot see it, or just take it for granted? Is it that we just don’t know how to address it? Are we afraid or ashamed of Beige? How can we ever include and transcend Beige in 2nd Tier, if we cannot fully connect to our ‘beigeness’?

In the research group Beauty of Beige we, Anne-Marie and Arielle from CHE-NL and Michael Keller from CHE-Canada, are aligned on the importance of generating insights into Beige for a healthy spiral and to deepen our knowledge and practice of Yellow, Turquoise and further.

We have started an experimental, experiential exploration into the depths of our own Beige. We aim to explore the basic human drive for (sur)vival, to find words for it, and view it from SDi and the integral perspective. We feel compelled to do justice to this physically oriented value system within our intellectual culture, in order to contribute to integral societal innovation as sacred partnership in life.

In the salon we want to share with you what we’ve done so far, and invite you to take part in our research to bring it further. We will do some exercises to get you in touch with beigeness. And in an explorative conversation try to find answers what can be the beauty of beige for each one of us, for the CHE, and for the world in transition.

Basic knowledge of SDi ( is useful, but not necessary.

We invite you to join this Salon on Monday 9 November 2015. The Salon will start at 19:00 PM and ends at 21:30 PM.

Arielle Brouwer is rooted in the professional theatre and works as a coach, facilitator and teacher from her company Her role is Lead of Constellation Yin of CHE NL.

Anne-Marie Voorhoeve is founder of The Hague Center for Global Governance, and director of the Club of Budapest NL. She functions as Strategic Connector for the CHE-NL.

Michael Keller works as a consultant, catalyst and educator for Ecology of Design in Human Systems, and he is part of the CHE-Canada.

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