Geplaatst op 14 december 2015

Gratitude, trust and integrity
If there is one thing that we are good at in the CHE, it is transitions! and take up different positions in the CHE constellation. At our most recent Wisdom Council meeting, we sensed into the current transition, with the three “old” souls present (Anne-Marie, Lisette and Marinet), three newer souls (Allard, Jasper and Pleun), and myself with our loyal Wisdom Council member Herman Wijffels. There was a moment in our exchange and sensing where a deep trust came over me as I could feel how the CHE was taking a next step in the hands of highly competent people with great integrity. This was shared by Herman. At that moment I just knew that the CHE that I founded was finding its way to a new phase. That moment touched me and it is with that faith and joy that I look forward to seeing how the CHE shows up in the world in the coming year and beyond. With much gratitude and love to all who make the CHE what it is.
Peter Merry, CHE founder and lead of Wisdom Council