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Together in action against Corona

Giro555 calls on the Netherlands to show solidarity with people in countries where getting a vaccination is much more difficult than here. For example, due to logistical challenges and poor healthcare. In the event of exceptional disasters, 11 collaborating aid organizations join forces under the name Giro555. The money raised is for making vaccinations possible in vulnerable countries and for emergency medical care for corona victims. So donate on giro 555!!!

"Whether you live in Africa, Europe or Asia, it's only safe when everyone is vaccinated,” says Suzanne Laszlo, Giro555's campaign chair. “All eyes are now on India, but we are holding our breath about what could happen in other countries in the coming weeks and months.” According to the action chairman, the world can only overcome this pandemic if there is vaccination worldwide, regardless of nationality or income. “While people in the Netherlands are being protected, we would like to ask them to show solidarity with people in vulnerable countries, where it is not at all obvious that you get a vaccination.”

The activities of the Quality Center Malawi foundation ( are getting stuck because there are far too few vaccines there. There is a threat of another lockdown with all its consequences, such as poverty and starvation.

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