CHE Salons are held every other week. This the the place to come and find inspiration as you acquaint yourself with CHE’s inner and outer workings. On these evenings people who are actively engaged with CHE and guest speakers presence who they are and what they are involved in. The practice is to approach subjects from the perspective of the whole using models of Spiral Dynamics, the Integral Model and Theory U.

Salons are lively gatherings where people engage in ‘big talk’ – talk that amuses, challenges, amazes, and is sometimes passionately acted upon. From the ancient Greek symposia to Gertrude Stein’s famous Paris gatherings, salons have always been the incubator of provocative – at times even dangerous – ideas: the frontiers of cultural change.

–Salons, the Joy of Conversation

CHE Salons usually are a combination of experience and theory. Presenters are people who experts in their field and who presence a topic that is close to their heart based on their own experience while offering a transcending perspective. They are invited to push their own envelopes with the audience gathered so the evening will bring them new insights as well. Once the presenter has brought the theme to life, the common exploration begins. To be able to tap the collective wisdom and intelligence we practice unusual ways of conducting conversations, like talking to the middle, not reacting on what another has said and working with silence.

The evenings are hosted by people who fulfill roles within CHE NL. They do this in such a way that those present learn while they listen to ‘what wants to be said’ as the topic discovers more of itself through those who are present. Some Salons are held in English and on the Dutch spoken ones you will always find people ready to translate or speak English for your benefit.

Upcoming salons for 2018:

• Monday 15 January 2018 – New Year salon (Location: Broedplaats Gooise Meren, De Ruijterlaan 24a/ Piet Heinlaan 24 (5 minutes walk from train station Bussum-Zuid).

• Mpnday 22 January 2018 – Marjon van Opijnen

The CHE Salons are held at Venwoude, Vuursche Steeg 1, Lage Vuursche from 7 – 9.30 PM.

We offer these salons based on the Purpose and Principles of CHE NL. To be able to continue organizing these evenings we ask a contribution towards what it costs to do so. The suggested amount is a minimum of 7,50.

There is the opportunity to share a meal at Venwoude at 6 PM. The vegetarian meal is priced at € 13,50 and with this amount you support this community that has been offering us their hospitality throughout the years. If you want to come for dinner, please confirm this upon registering for the Salon evening.

To be able to inform the kitchen on the number of guests, please register by email by the Sunday before the Salon date latest at

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