“We play a significant role in the Netherlands – are you participating?”

CHE NL is a community of practitioners in which we work from unity. In 2013, we sharpened our goal and reorganized the organization holacratic. In 2014 we will continue to work towards the Netherlands as the place where the new paradigm of functional self-government based on the deep awareness of unity manifests itself.

As early as 2005, Dr. Don Beck, author of the book Spiral Dynamics, a call: The Netherlands can play a meaningful role by making the evolutionary step from the current egalitarian, consensus-seeking culture to a system of systems in which synergy, flexibility, spontaneity and functionality take the lead .

The people who make up the CHE commit themselves to carry that renewal and to choose the perspective that emanates from unity in every conversation, every thought, every action. This is how we pave the way, even though many do not (yet) see this.

Holacracy: governance of the future

holacracy is a new form of government that rests on the pillars of autonomy and coordination. In this operating system you gradually make clear how people who fulfill those roles can work together to achieve the common goal. Tensions between the goal to be achieved and reality are converted into workable proposals that ensure that everyone can move forward. After half a year of excellent guidance by Koen Bunders on December 20, 2013 we have the Holacracy Constitution signed – the set of ground rules we all have to adhere to. We don't just practice Holacracy because it helps us do our work effectively and with pleasure. We think this is an operating system of the future. For organizations and governments at all levels. Implementing Holacracy is therefore one of the services of the future of our company, CHE Synnervate.

Integral social renewal

Holacracy proved its effectiveness when tension rose over the formulation of our destiny: what we are becoming together is a committed partnership alive. This sentence was the outcome of a process that had taken several months. Many found this goal inspiring, because it is not clear how modern humans can form a partnership with each other, with nature and with what makes life alive. This means that the goal does not become something that you have to achieve, but above all a destination that you are on your way to in discovery. Moreover, the word 'sacred' is intriguing as a translation for the English 'sacred'. One interpretation of it is that you put the "to be a partner alive" practice on one.

What does this mean for the decisions you make on a daily basis?

How do you relate to each other, to the world around us?

The person who introduced the tension about the goal during the holacratic role meeting did not think the formulation was concrete enough. What do we actually stand for as CHE? Also, his experience as a synnervator was that the purpose did not appeal in business circles. His proposal was an element of our mission to obtain a PhD: integral social innovation.

Using the holacratic method of integrative decision-making, we arrived at the next version within 20 minutes: the goal of CHE NL is integral social renewal as a dedicated partnership alive.

This formulation of our common destiny is rock solid. Until a tension arises that again requires adjustment and through which we integrate new wisdom.

2014 – year of joining

In 2014 we will continue. With the salons and the constellations. By looking at what our focus is in what is needed for a 2nd tier society and what we have to offer. By offering our services from Synnervate. Based on our joint practice as a community of practitioners: connecting from unity as a dedicated partnership and thus seeing what unfolds while acting.

This spring we are going with a delegation to the 1st Integral European Conference to share our findings, learn from others and see how we can do more together. Beneath the surface of today's society, the new one grows. Are you in?

Lisette Schuitemaker
Integral Alignment Officer