The New Story: As we change our story, we change our world

The New Story: As we change our story, we change our world

Our lives are guided by 'stories'. We look at ourselves and the world around us in a certain way and make choices based on that perspective. The stories we hear and tell, shape us, offer guidance and give meaning to our lives. At certain moments in our development, however, our story no longer fits and we need a new vision, a different view. This applies to every individual, but also to humanity as a whole.

At this point in human evolution, more and more people no longer perceive the well-known visions of human evolution as true and inspiring. The time seems ripe for a revised vision, one that aligns with the current, emerging consciousness.
In 2014, the Findhorn Foundation hosted 'The New Story Summit'; a conference with 350 inspiring participants from around the world to build a new story about the evolution of humanity together. Based on interviews with these participants, a film was made: 'The New Story'.

“The film is a beautifully and sensitively woven tapestry of the rich diversity that is the human family. Featuring live event coverage and interviews on the essential topics of our time: from cosmology to ecology, from ancient wisdom to current thinking, from leadership to governance, from economy to social justice, from education to initiation, from community to sustainability.” Quote from the New Story website.

You are cordially invited to come and watch this film with us on June 19th, in search of new meaning. We are curious how old and new wisdom can be transcended and included, in the light of continuously evolving consciousness.

The discussion is facilitated by Lisette Schuitemaker and Mauk Pieper.


Mon 19 June 2017
19:30 – 22:00 CET


1 Fire Alley
3749 AN Lage-Vuursche