Lounges 2012

In 2012, we organized 19 salons in collaboration with many guest speakers. Diana ensures every time that the 500 interested parties receive their invitations by mail and can register with her. The salons were well attended last year: on average there were 20 people, and there are always new people who are introduced to the CHE. We are happy about that because that is one of our objectives.

Top performers in visitor numbers were Reinier Bosman about Presence (more than 45 participants) and Ton van der Kroon about Holy Places (53 visitors).

The salons had a wide variety of subjects. A number of them dealt with personal leadership, for example Gertjan Broekman and Anne Marie Voorhoeve on Spiritual Intelligence or that of Paula van Lammeren on The Discipline of Happiness. Spiral Dynamics was the subject of the salons of Marcel van Marrewijk about the Cubrix, and the one about the relationship between purple and turquoise value system (Peter Merry, Marinet Ritz and Edwin Holwerda). There have also been meetings in which energetic working was central. For example, the salon on Energetic Landscape by Yvonne Feijen and Romaine Kunst and that of Peter Merry and Lisette Schuitemaker: Co-creation with life itself.

In addition to 'great speakers' (Lisette Thooft on Sexual evolution and Kees Zoeteman in conversation on How man can liberate love) we also had salons on subjects that are very personal, such as the beautiful intimate meeting about Unwanted Childlessness with Odile van Eck.

The salon hosts have enjoyed working on this program and we have a lot of inspiration for this year as well. We will be working more closely with the other Souls in roles of the CHE, you will also meet them in the 'guest host' role in the near future.

We would like to sincerely thank everyone who contributed co-creating to a great salon year.

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